Tip 20: ADEPT

ADEPT is the Abnormal Doppler Enteral Prescription Trial (2012, 404 babies). The main finding was that there was no benefit to delayed initiation of feeds (5 – 6 days of age) vs. early initiation of feeds (24 – 48h age).

Early initiation of feeds: more babies had 1 episode of abdominal pathology (dysmotility, meconium plug & stage 1 NEC) but achieved full enteral feeds earlier.

Late initiation of feeds: babies had more PN, HDU care, cholestatic jaundice & postnatal growth restriction.

External links:

Leaf, A. et. al. 2012. Early or delayed enteral feeding for preterm growth-restricted infants: a randomized trial. Pediatrics; 129(5): :e1260-8. 

Morgan, J., Young, L., McGuire, W., 2013. Delayed introduction of progressive enteral feeds to prevent necrotising enterocolitis in very low birthweight infants. Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 5:CD001970.

Previously published: 24/10/13, 17/10/14

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