Tip 41: congenital heart disease

The prevalence of structural congenital heart disease is approximately 6-10 per 1,000 total births (~1%).

The incidence of heart murmurs on day 1 examination, however, may be as high as 10% live births. This prompts echocardiography, of which 9/10 will be normal or have a transitional neonatal circulation (PDA and/or PFO).

The antenatal diagnosis of serious congenital heart disease is only 50%.


Patton, C., Hey, E., 2006. How effectively can clinical examination pick up congenital heart disease at birth? Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal & Neonatal Edition; 91(4): F263-7.

BINOCAR report 2011

Previously published: 06/02/14, 31/10/14,

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