Tip 96: palliative care

“Infants for whom a decision has been made to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment” can be classified into five categories, which are abbreviated below.

  1. A condition not compatible with long term survival.
  2. A condition which carries a high risk of significant morbidity or death
  3. Babies born at the margins of viability
  4. A condition with a high risk of severe impairment of quality of life, currently receiving or may need life support.
  5. A condition causing “unbearable suffering”.

Reference: Mancini, A., Uthaya, S., Beardsley, C., Wood, D., & Modi, N. (2014). Practical guidance for the management of palliative care on neonatal units. 1st Ed, Feb 2014. RCPCH with Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.

Previously published: 29/04/14, 13/04/15

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