Tip 131: RDS 2

Respiratory distress syndrome (pulmonary surfactant deficiency) is seen almost exclusively in preterm infants, especially <34 weeks gestation.

The EuroNeoNet figures for 2010 show an incidence of:

  • 92% at 24–25/40
  • 88% at 26–27/40
  • 76% at 28–29/40
  • 57% at 30–31/40.


Sweet, D. G., Carnielli, V., Greisen, G., Hallman, M., Ozek, E., Plavka, R., … & Halliday, H. L. (2013). European consensus guidelines on the management of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome in preterm infants-2013 update. Neonatology; 103(4): 353-368.

Dunn, M. S., Kaempf, J., de Klerk, A., de Klerk, R., Reilly, M., Howard, D., … & Soll, R. F. (2011). Randomized trial comparing three approaches to the initial respiratory management of preterm neonates. Pediatrics; 128(5): e1069-e1076.

Previously published: 27/06/14, 12/06/15.

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