Tip 170: pre-auricular skin tags

Pre-auricular tags, are epithelial mounds or pedunculated skin that arise near the front of the ear around the tragus. They have no bony, cartilaginous, or cystic components and do not communicate to the ear canal or middle ear.

However, patients with pre-auricular pits or cysts should be examined for other congenital anomalies (not always necessitating renal ultrasound).


Ostrower, S.T. (2016). Preauricular cysts, pits and fissures. Emedicine, 845288.

Kugelman A., Tubi A., Bader D., et al. (2002). Preauricular tags and pits in the newborn: the role of renal ultrasonography. Journal of Pediatrics; 141: 38

Previously published: 30/09/14

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