Tip 181: surfactant for RDS

Prophylactic surfactant (100mg/kg) in the delivery room should be considered in:

  • Babies born <26/40
  • Babies born <31/40 who require intubation in the delivery room

Early rescue surfactant (200mg/kg) should be considered for premature babies if there are worsening features of RDS:

  • Increasing oxygen requirement (>30% if <26/40, >40% if >26/40)
  • Deteriorating blood gases (pH <7.25, pCO2 >8kPa)

Reference: Sweet, D. G., Carnielli, V., Greisen, G., Hallman, M., Ozek, E., Plavka, R., … & Halliday, H. L. (2013). European consensus guidelines on the management of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome in preterm infants-2013 update.Neonatology103(4), 353-368.

Previously published: 21/10/14

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