Tip 226: Back to Sleep campaign 2

Safer sleep encompasses all of the following for the baby:

  • Put on their back to sleep
  • Feet to the foot of the cot
  • No pillow
  • Loose bedding, not covering head
  • Firm, flat, waterproof mattress
  • Separate cot or basket in same room as parent for 6 months. No bed-sharing (though knowing that many families do bed-share, separate guidelines exist in order to minimise the risk)
  • Don’t let baby get too hot
  • Keep environment smoke-free
  • Breast-feed if possible

If the baby rolls over onto its tummy during sleep, he/she should put on their back again, until they are able to roll from front-to-back independently.

External link: The Lullaby Trust

Previously published: 26/02/15

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