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Tip 37: the PINT study

This study compared low and high haemoglobin thresholds for packed red blood cell (RBC) transfusion in premature infants <1000g. Thresholds were decided by days of age, type of sample and the presence or absence of respiratory support. The high thresholds … Continue reading

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Tip 36: sucrose as analgesia

A Cochrane review showed that oral sucrose (with or without non-nutritive sucking) significantly reduced pain scores associated with heel lancing, venepuncture and IM injections but not ROP screening. The effects on extremely preterm infants or the long-term effects on any … Continue reading

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Tip 31: delayed cord clamping

Delayed cord clamping (>1 min) in healthy term infants leads to higher birthweight, early haemoglobin concentration and increased iron reserves up to six months after birth. However, there is also an increased risk of jaundice requiring phototherapy. Reference:  McDonald SJ, … Continue reading

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Tip 226: Back to Sleep campaign 2

Safer sleep encompasses all of the following for the baby: Put on their back to sleep Feet to the foot of the cot No pillow Loose bedding, not covering head Firm, flat, waterproof mattress Separate cot or basket in same … Continue reading

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Tip 225: Back to Sleep campaign

The “Back to Sleep” advice campaign (UK, 1990) to put babies to sleep on their backs is one of the main reasons why sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) dropped by more than 50% between 1989 (1,545 cases) and 1992 (647 cases). External … Continue reading

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Tip 178: early corticosteroids for CLD

The use of early (< 8 days) corticosteroids reduced death or CLD at 28 days (RR 0.92 [0.88-0.96]) and at 36 weeks (RR 0.89 [0.84-0.95]). Other short-term benefits were successful extubation and closure of PDA. Statistically significant short-term negative effects were: hyperglycaemia, … Continue reading

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Tip 161: the COIN trial

COIN is CPAP Or INtubation at birth for babies born at 25+0 – 28+6 weeks’ gestation. There was no significant difference in the combined outcome of death or BPD at 36/40. In the CPAP group, there were fewer days of assisted ventilation and a … Continue reading

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